To remove or not to remove the plastic holders of your earrings?

Last year 19-year-old Chelsea Smith, tweeted that she realised the round plastic holders behind earring can be taken off and are unnecessary. But as I always believed things are always made for a purpose. 

If you would take a closer look at the earring designs which have these plastic backings are usually bulker and heavier. These plastic disk actually provide support to the earrings preventing it from drooping on your ears and not just a smart marketing plan to make the earring look nice on their holders in stores. 

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charming alligator clips for girl's hair.

These adorable alligator hair clips are awesome for keeping a child’s bangs to the side away from her eyes by keeping small portions of hair in place. 

Just squeeze the clip and place it where you would like to secure the hair. It even looks great keeping stray hair around a child’s pony tail.It is also great for styling short to long tress. 

Usually made of alloy metal or plastic the clips are decorated with ribbons and resin d├ęcor giving it an enchanting and delightful appeal.

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How to style a headband

Previously dub as a child’s or baby’s hair the headband has revolutionised with time and is now the modern must-have hair accessory every women desire.
Drape loose waves of your hair naturally and place a headband over it for a classic look.

Place a headband on top of your hair and roll your hair up and over it into a bun.

It works like a hairband pulling your hair to reveal  your lovely face.

This sunday get your hands on our Mystic headband, it goes well as either a necklace or a headband nifty accessory isn't it ?
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