How to pull off hair accessories

Like any other girl, I am a huge fan of hair accessories, it compliments your hairstyle while keeping in neat and out to your face.

When it comes to styling your  hair it all depend on which cut you are wearing. For example if you have a pixie cut hairbands and head warps can totally rock this style.

When it comes to hairbands we are definitely spoiled for choice from the pretty floral 

to the adorable yet classy hair bows...

Hairbands are definitely an effortless and fun way to jazz up the pixie cut...

If you have a bunch of lovely curls, hair accessories are an awesome way to arrange your hair in a very flattering manner.

Twisting a bunch of your curls and pining it with cute bow gives you an elegant flair. 

Pins come in all sorts of stylish, chic and bold designs, it is as easy as mixing and matching the appropriate designs for  the  right  occasion.

Leather bows gives a very bold and edgy feel.

Shiny glittery ones are awesome for dinner parties or when placed appropriately for work. 

For long hair, play with the extra length cause you have more options...

Scrunchies are cool for side ponytails.

Chains are an awesome way to "decorate" your hair if you are not really in the mood to do anything else.  It looks cool and would make you the hit at any party.

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