How to make Valentine's day special on a budget in Singapore


After a festive Christmas, in a blink of an eye Valentines day and the Chinese New Year is just around the corner.Living in a city where our daily expenses keep rising doesn't help at all either.

Fear not here are some ways to warm up that special someone's heart ...

Valentine falls on Saturday this year, that great news because that means you could spend the whole day together.

1. Take your date to the marina barrage where you could have a picnic and fly kites by day by night you could enjoy the lovely skyline of the city and star gazing by night
There is a restaurant located downstairs and just a short walk away is gardens by the bay and satay by the bay. 

2. Valentines is never completed without flowers and chocolates, these days we are spoiled for choice for delicious and yet affordable chocolate such as those imported chocolates from Choc Spot located at Nex Shopping Mall. You could buy a single rose instead of a whole bunch. Minimize instead of do without.

3. Make your own gift instead of getting something off the shelf. Write your a love letter on a self made card. Or cook a homemade meal of your favorite dish together.

4. Cuddle up to your favorite movie at home and turn off your phones so you will remain undisturbed.While ordering pizza for a nice quiet evening.

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