Fashion accessories that are appropriate for work.

I am sure that many of us would like to look our best at work.

Looking good doesn't only makes us feel confident, it  also presents a well groomed employee. Any employer would appreciate this as their employees represent their company. Studies has shown that dressing appropriately increases the chances of getting a promotion.   
Sure you know how to pair that outfit just right but what about fashion accessories? What are the dos and don'ts in a corporate environment.

Keep the bling bling for parties
Casually styled fake diamond huge necklaces and statement earrings are a no no for work, they are loud distracting and down right unprofessional. Please save these lovely pieces for dinner parties. Opt for stud diamond earrings and simple pieces such as our 
Diamond Bow Fashion Stud Earrings

 Don't be an all in one band in the office.
Everyone knows that the office is more often then not a quiet place. Don't wear dangling earrings or a huge chunk of bangles, these make a noticeable bunch of noises when you walk pass. You wouldn't want to notify everyone about your presents would you?  Opt for a classy bracelet like this, Classic and timeless piece.
Spring Breeze Crystal Bracelet


These are a couple of the don'ts now lets take a look at the dos...

Wear a timepiece at work  
It gives people the vibe that you are a responsible and aware of time. Your watch doesn't have to be expensive when you are just starting out.
 Get a pair of pearls 
Yes, I know some of you would say that pearls are for old people on the contrary they are awesome for interviews, business lunches and even with evening wear. It doesn't matter if you have real or faux ones on, pearls bring out the elegents and sophistication of a women.
Golden Grid Statement Bracelet
 Play with colours
Lets say you have this lovely blue dress add a yellow statement necklace. Let your accessories express your personality through colours but keep it simple and clean cut. 
and finally please remember that less is more 
At most wear 4 accessories at once for example ( watch, earring, necklace, wedding ring). If you wear a pair of earrings go with either a  necklace or a bracelet. 
Wear no more than 3 at a time for work, maybe 4.  (Watch, earrings, necklace.  Ok, fine, 4: my wedding rings.)

The Perfect Gift All Girls and Women Love At Any Age Is Jewelry

Men actually have no reason to ever complain about getting a gift for girlfriends, wives, daughters, or any woman of any age. You could have heard men asking, what they could get their girlfriend for Valentines, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or a simple way of saying, “I appreciate you”. Actually, there should not be doubt or speculating about gifts for the opposite sex, the obvious best gift is jewelry. Glisten Jewel is a Singapore based supplier of such gifts for women, their firm believe is that “every girl deserves to be a princess”.

You might also argue that jewelry is one of the most expensive gifts, and you are right if you are talking about Diamonds. stock popular jewelry pieces without diamonds and pearls, yet extraordinary beautiful. One of their top best-recommended jewelry gifts all women regardless of age would love is the Clover Necklace, which sells for under $10.00. Nowhere else would you get quality, hand-made jewelry at that price.

What makes this Clover Necklace a best-seller and one of the recommended necklaces you cannot go wrong with, is the woman behind the Clover Necklace. All girls know who the fashion mogul and socialite, Paris Hilton is. To be able to wear a necklace that a top celebrity wears with elegance is a prime piece.

Nobody can afford jewelry inspired by Paris Hilton, or rather very few of us budget-conscious individuals. Paris Hilton was pictured wearing a similar Clover Necklace as well as Sheena Phua; Paris was dressed up smart and Sheena wearing casual wear, and on both these types of dress styles, the Clover necklace stood out stunningly. Men out there take note that this Clover Necklace will lighten up any girl’s eyes and your appreciation of her is sure to be appreciated and rewarded.

With an approximate length of 15mm and made from Alloy and an epoxy covering, it is lightweight and feminine. A beautifully crafted thin gold chain-link necklace with black clovers, which are spaces around two inches apart worked in between the gold linked chain and a clasp at the back, rounds off this piece of jewelry. Moreover is that it is not only Singapore residents that have the advantage of buying this lovely necklace. ships to all countries when ordering online and accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club International and more.

How to make Valentine's day special on a budget in Singapore


After a festive Christmas, in a blink of an eye Valentines day and the Chinese New Year is just around the corner.Living in a city where our daily expenses keep rising doesn't help at all either.

Fear not here are some ways to warm up that special someone's heart ...

Valentine falls on Saturday this year, that great news because that means you could spend the whole day together.

1. Take your date to the marina barrage where you could have a picnic and fly kites by day by night you could enjoy the lovely skyline of the city and star gazing by night
There is a restaurant located downstairs and just a short walk away is gardens by the bay and satay by the bay. 

2. Valentines is never completed without flowers and chocolates, these days we are spoiled for choice for delicious and yet affordable chocolate such as those imported chocolates from Choc Spot located at Nex Shopping Mall. You could buy a single rose instead of a whole bunch. Minimize instead of do without.

3. Make your own gift instead of getting something off the shelf. Write your a love letter on a self made card. Or cook a homemade meal of your favorite dish together.

4. Cuddle up to your favorite movie at home and turn off your phones so you will remain undisturbed.While ordering pizza for a nice quiet evening.

Glisten Jewel has brought in some lovely pieces for the special occasion for lovers. Bring a smile to your girlfriend's/wife's face with these affordable necklaces which come with a gift box. Each necklace is going for $6.50 each.

Infinity Necklace

Love Birds

Lovely couple 

Forever Love 

 Love at first sight 

How to pull off hair accessories

Like any other girl, I am a huge fan of hair accessories, it compliments your hairstyle while keeping in neat and out to your face.

When it comes to styling your  hair it all depend on which cut you are wearing. For example if you have a pixie cut hairbands and head warps can totally rock this style.

When it comes to hairbands we are definitely spoiled for choice from the pretty floral 

to the adorable yet classy hair bows...

Hairbands are definitely an effortless and fun way to jazz up the pixie cut...

If you have a bunch of lovely curls, hair accessories are an awesome way to arrange your hair in a very flattering manner.

Twisting a bunch of your curls and pining it with cute bow gives you an elegant flair. 

Pins come in all sorts of stylish, chic and bold designs, it is as easy as mixing and matching the appropriate designs for  the  right  occasion.

Leather bows gives a very bold and edgy feel.

Shiny glittery ones are awesome for dinner parties or when placed appropriately for work. 

For long hair, play with the extra length cause you have more options...

Scrunchies are cool for side ponytails.

Chains are an awesome way to "decorate" your hair if you are not really in the mood to do anything else.  It looks cool and would make you the hit at any party.

Check out Glisten Jewel's range of awesome hair accessories at affordable prices.

Our collection I dream of Paris also feature this lovely gem hairband.

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