What to get for Christmas for a love one ?

As the festive season approaches many of us wonder what to get our love ones...

Here are a few question to ask yourself when buying a gift ...

1. What is their favorite colour? - You could get something in that colour for them.

2. Do you know what size they wear ? - You could get a nice t-shirt or clothing if you knew...

3. What gadget are they using? - You could get them an accessory that is compatible with that gadget, it would be useful.

4. What is their favorite brand ? - You could buy a perfume they like or some cool watch you know they been eyeing on, a nice bag perhaps a women can never have enough bags ...

5. If you do not have the cash to buy them a fancy gift here are some ideas on what you could make:
- A scrapbook fill with photos of moments you treasure.

Check out this site for awesome Crafts as gifts:

Glisten Jewel has some really neat Christmas themed accessories that are both affordable and adorable. Best of all is the fact that a gift box comes with each order.

Christmas wreath Necklace and Earring Set


Christmas Wreath

Christmas Tree


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Pastel Dream

I just adore these light shaded shades of colours, they are a lot less loud then our dear neon accessories but they do add volumes of delicate details to complete the outfit of the day.

I am a huge fan of hasbro's my little pony series. Inspired by the delightful cheery pony I decided to bring in these pastelicous pieces.

                   Sweet rose multi-layer pink bangle (pink)

                                                  Sweet rose multi-layer pink bangle (blue)

Giraffe Garden

Gold rimmed hairband in pink

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