How not to overshadow the bride’s big day ?

Got a wedding to attend and not sure what you should wear?

Most wedding attendees tend to fret about their outfits to ensu

re they don’t overshadow the bride, but they overlook the fact that accessories play a really big part too. Something as simple as the type of earrings, necklace and even bracelet you’re wearing can make a great difference—you wouldn’t want the limelight casted onto you the day you’re not meant to get married, do you? Here, we offer you 3 fashion tips on how not to overshadow the bride and what accessories would be appropriate for a wedding.

1. Avoid loud, chunky accessories

We’re not saying you should completely avoid colourful hook earrings completely, but I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be remembered at a wedding as Cleopatra's reincarnated self would you? If you like hook earrings, or chunky ones, though, go for something that speaks elegance, class and sophistication: select earrings that have pastel colours, or gold or silver rather than the loud reds and purples.

2. No, you’re not telling you to be boring: less is more!

Of course we’re not telling you to be boring. Stick to your personality butjust tone it down a little! Pick just a few accessories to emphasize your look: you could wear matching earrings and necklaces; earrings and bracelets; hats and necklaces. But do not go over-the-top by wearing all earrings, necklaces, bracelets and hats lest you’d want to look like a Christmas tree. Remember less is more! Just your accessories wisely!

3. Blend in with the rest

The last tip on how you could not stick out like a sore thumb during a wedding is to check with your other girl-friends attending the wedding on their dress codes and colour codes. That way, you could gauge what not to wear as well!

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