Merci beaucoup

First of all we would like to say thank you to everyone who rose to the occasion and came down to the Art House to support us on Sunday 18 Apr. It was one good of an experience definitely. The team learnt a lot about direct sales and i believed that it poises us for a more even footing to serve our highly esteemed clients.

If you were here with us and asked us for the prices, you would realise that the prices are a little different from what you see in our blog space. We can assure that this is for a very good and basic reason. Being a new and upcoming outfit, the team behind Glisten Jewel have had to to dip into our personal kitties to shore up expenses and overheads that came our way since our humble inception. We do hope that you understand that we had to mark up alittle on our selling prices on site at the flea so we can hope to break even on the rental.

We however, would want to take this opportunity to assure you that our pricing philosophy has remained unchanged. We go direct and pass the savings to you by ridding of any frills which you don’t need. Short of becoming a charity altogether, we have endeavoured to give you the best price you can get in the market out there in Singapore. We are being sincere here and we show you our sincerity by being transparent about our pricing policy with you.

A little comment on our self assessment on the flea. Hmmm, we found the turnout at the Art House a little less than desirable with human traffic being nary a trickle at times (this being the norm rather than the exception) but still we managed to make some sales. We would say that it is substantial and encouraging given that turnout and human traffic was subpar.

We hope to serve you even better in the immediate future and oh, a new batch of incoming stocks is on the cards for May and please do lend us your generous support as you have faithfully done so since our beginning. We earnestly appreciate your feedback and express thanks once again for your kind support! :)
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